Why haven’t I been posting lately?

The short answer? I hate my website. Funny how big an impact that can have, right? Oh, I have plenty of other excuses: how busy I am, how over-committed I am right now, how I’m madly prepping my other pen name for a big blog tour next month. But the real issue is when I signed up for this website/domain name, I didn’t notice the difference between Word Press dot org versus dot com. The dot org site, which I use under my other pen name, allows me to add all sorts of useful plug-ins–such as Facebook and Twitter ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons, and the ability to customize my banner, add pictures to my sidebar, etc.

I find Word Press dot com much more limiting. Yes, I can follow other people and reblog their posts, much as I can from tumblr and other social media sites. If I wasn’t planning to make this my official website as a published author, that would be fine. But I prefer the flexibility that the plugins offer in the dot org version.

The other reason I haven’t been here much is because Madison Dean doesn’t have a lot to say right now. I’m busy working hard as my other writing persona to promote a new release–I have as yet to write anything under the Madison Dean name yet. But I have plans for 2015, just you wait and see. In the meantime, have a random cat picture. 🙂

Yes, there is more to me than just cats. (There are horses and dogs, too) And stories. Lots of stories. I just need more time to write.



8 thoughts on “Why haven’t I been posting lately?

    • *peers closely at your blog page* Why, yes, so you do! And now that I look at my page, I see I have the Facebook button and the Twitter button, as well as the Press this one. I don’t seem to have as many buttons as you do, however! I may have to poke around some more and see if I can figure this out. I *do* like the “Press This” and follow options which I don’t have on my WP dot org site.

      Can you customize your header on your site? I like having a custom header and I haven’t tried putting one in on this site…

      • I have lots of headers, and a random one comes up every time you visit the page. Under Appearance, check out headers. Also in there is widgets, which is how you set the sidebar stuff, including book icons.

      • I meant a custom header that you designed and put in instead of the rotating ones. Like the one I have as my other persona. 🙂 Good to know about the widgets–thank you! If I ever get a book cover, I’ll post them there. 🙂 But just now, I wanted to respond to this comment and I couldn’t do it from the comments page, even though I’m logged in. I had to go to my dashboard and the from there to comments to reply. Weird.

        You know what’s even stranger, however? I have more followers on this blog (which is practically dead) than I do on my ‘main’ one. I suspect because it is so much easier to follow someone in this format than it is on the other site, which you can’subscribe’ to…

        Thanks for your input, Theo! I guess I’m just making excuses because I haven’t taken the time to make my site exactly the way I want to right now…

      • All my headers are taken from my photos. That’s designed, right? I just crop them to the specified size for my theme and upload ’em. It’s about time for me to add some new ones, too.

      • Good to know. I never realized your banners were pictures you’d taken yourself–I thought they were rotating headers that WP had provided. I’ll check out the parameters and see what I can do. Lord knows, I have enough pictures to work with!

      • You only have to crop them to the required size of your chosen theme’s header space, upload, and voila! If you upload several, you can choose ‘random’ in the options, and your visitors will see a different photo every time.

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