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"Facebook author pages (like this one of mine) are a waste of time" Mary W. WaltersWorse, it’s probably turning off many of your on-line friends.

After being told for several years by every guru in the business (most of them styled as “social media experts”) that as a writer I must focus my attention on self-promotion through social media, I now consider myself to have become a social media expert myself — at least when it comes to matters writerly.

And I am telling you that those other social-media experts (and the publishers that parrot them) are full of crap. When it comes to book promotion, your time is far better spent on other kinds of marketing activities, or even in writing your next novel, than it is being anywhere on social media.

For about five years I have read books, blog posts, articles and tweets on the subject of book marketing and networking, and I have Facebooked and Tweeted and LinkedIned until my smile…

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  1. I think social media has been overused as a promo place. I know I’m extremely careful not to bug people. Others, however, don’t share my sensibility, and I have lately unfriended a couple people who drove me nuts with announcements and updates. An occasional “Hey, I have a new book out” is fine. Bash me over the head with it and you’re GONE.

    • Yes, there are some people that use it *solely* as a platform to self-promote, and like the article states, that’s self-defeating. I tend not to follow people on Twitter who can’t demonstrate to me that they ever conduct any conversations with anyone. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Facebook in general, though I enjoy interacting with people on a small scale, such as in groups. 🙂

      I think the problem lies in the fact that it’s a lot easier to talk about how to use social media to sell books than it is to sit down and write said books. I know, too, it’s easier to goof around on social media sites than to write as well. Ostensibly, I’m killing time while waiting for the client phone call, or while dinner is cooking, or I’m unwinding after a bad/stressful/normal day. I can tell myself those are usable blocks of writing time, and I can get in some social media interaction, learn some new tips, find out about a release I was looking forward to hearing about.

      The real issue comes when a few minutes turns into a few hours–and then I *could* have gotten some real writing done. Or when I frantically sign up for blog hops and chats, and run around promoting this and that at the expense of sitting down and getting the next story done. I’ve enjoyed some chats a lot–my last chat on the Love Romances Cafe list was a blast–but was I able to sell any books? Doubtful.

      So, while I’m going to drop in on Facebook for the LOL cats and the conversations–and yes, to occasionally talk about a new release or something I’m reading, I’m not sure how much actual promotion I’m going to do. I promoted the heck out of the last release under my other pen name, and it had the lowest sales of any story I’ve ever written, with the exception of the very first. 🙂

      • I haven’t noticed any appreciable increase in sales from my new involvement in FB. It’s one hell of a good site for wasting time though! 🙂 Sometimes I think writing should be all that matters and I resent having to promo my releases.

      • I can’t help but remember that when I first began writing fanfic and posting it to the big archives, I never promoted anything. I wrote. I wrote a lot. I produced a lengthy story almost every month. By the time I discovered social media sites, I already had a silent following I never knew about before. Once I hit the social media sites–my following did take a big leap–and I think that’s the value of networking and so forth. But I keep coming back to the fact that the *base* was already in place–stories people liked coming out on a regular basis. 🙂

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