Another great blog post I ran across today–how important covers are to the genre!

Theo Fenraven

Special Note: This cover has still not posted to Amazon as of this writing. I am told it is under review.

See what I mean about prudish Americans? There is no ass cleavage, there is no dick, there isn’t even any real physical detail (can’t see nipples!), yet the image is under review. I think they’re seeing shit that isn’t there.

However, ARe and Barnes & Noble posted it and I haven’t heard anything back from them about it being unacceptable. I have no further comment on the matter.

Update: Amazon posted the cover. 🙂


Nearly everyone who’s read Precog tells me they like/love it. But it’s not selling well. I would like to make sure it reaches as many people as possible, and not just because it makes me money. I write for myself first, but I write for you next. I love it when new people find me…

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